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How Amherst Raises Money From Alums: Calling Them a Bunch of Drunk Lechers

October 22, 2013

This will keep the donations flowing:

In preparation for homecoming weekend, Amherst College sent resident counselors an advisory e-mail that included a warning to watch out for alumni. “Keep an eye out for unwanted sexual advances,” the e-mail said, according to Newsweek. “A lot of alums come back for Homecoming pretty jaded with the bar scene and blind dating of the real world and are eager to take advantage of what they now perceive to be an ‘easy’ hook-up scene back at Amherst. Also, many alums tend to be pretty drunk all weekend long.”



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  1. Lol…but come now..the type of ‘men’ who attend Amherst are most likely to be shamed into contributing more bcoz they believe that will get them some action and make for their drunken come ons at the last fundraiser. . After all what is sexual harrasment if not being hit on by an undesirable man ? I think the snl sketch with Tom Brady and horatio Saenz in the office was the best illustration

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