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…and Wearing a Ghost Costume for Halloween Is Hurtful to Dead People

October 24, 2013

The orcs of political correctness who run college campuses are now telling students what they may and may not wear for Halloween. The list of verboten costumes–because some self-proclaimed victim group might find them “offensive”–now includes somberos, cowboy-and-Indian gear, and anything “sexy.”

Students at the University of Colorado Boulder have also been told to avoid “white trash” costumes and anything that portrays a particular culture as “over-sexualised” – which the university says includes dressing up as a geisha or a “squaw” (indigenous woman).

They are also asked not to host parties with offensive themes including those with “ghetto” or “hillbilly” themes or those associated with “crime or sex work.”

Sex workers are so sensitive!

Christina Gonzales, the dean of students [at UC Boulder], wrote: “Making the choice to dress up as someone from another culture, either with the intention of being humorous or without the intention of being disrespectful, can lead to inaccurate and hurtful portrayals of other people’s cultures.

A university spokesman called cowboy costumes a “crude stereotype”

Because, you know, cowboys never wear cowboy hats or anything.

Students at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities have also been asked to make sure their Halloween costumes are politically correct.

In a letter, officials said: “please keep in mind that certain Halloween costumes inappropriately perpetuate racial, cultural, and gender stereotypes.”

A special exception will be made for a hanged Sarah Palin costume.


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