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Columnist advises college girls to avoid binge drinking–and gets pilloried by feminists

October 25, 2013

No good deed goes unpunished by feminists:

A “rape denialism manifesto” full of “plain old victim-blaming,” Lori Adelman wrote on the feminist blog Erin Gloria Ryan, on, accused Yoffe of “admonishing women for not doing enough to stop their own rapes.”

Argued Yoffe’s Slate colleague Amanda Hess, “We can prevent the most rapes on campus by putting our efforts toward finding and punishing those perpetrators, not by warning their huge number of potential victims to skip out on parties.”…

Yale law student Alexandra Brodsky, co-founder of a campaign against campus sexual violence, said suggesting that women drink less “preserves the power structures that perpetuate violence” and demands “that the victimized sacrifice their freedom . . . so we don’t have to disturb the status quo.”

University of Massachusetts philosophy professor Louise Antony likewise warned that it sends the message “that we have chosen to regard misogyny as inevitable.”

You can’t say anything sensible to a feminist.


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