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Denial of existence of campus rape culture is “proof” rape culture exists!

November 7, 2013

David Hookstead, a political science major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison writes this letter, headlined “Rape culture does not exist,”  to the student newspaper, the Badger Herald:

We’ve all heard the term “rape culture” before and it’s time to set the record straight. The United States of America doesn’t have a culture of rape any more than it has a culture of murder. This term aggressively paints men as dangerous and as the root of evil.


The first thing everybody needs to understand is that bad people exist. This is the reason for murder, rape, child abuse, domestic abuse and all sorts of crimes. It is the reality of the world. Crime is not unique to the United States, and if you put a spotlight on rape, you don’t understand the real issue.

I’ll be the first to admit that music lyrics can be extremely degrading towards women. Turn on any rap song and you’ll quickly hear some woman being described as a sex thirsty whore. Switch to the next rap song and you’ll likely hear about shooting people, selling drugs or the degradation of the black community.

How come none of the latter is attributed to any sort of culture, but the former is a sign of a rape culture? If music and movies speak of and depict murder, then do we have a culture that accepts and promotes murder as well? Of course we don’t.

Sounds like a reasonable argument to me. Why exactly is America supposed to have a “rape culture” given that rape is illegal everywhere. In fact, it’s a felony regarded as so serious that a rape conviction used to merit the death penalty until the Supreme Court ruled a while back that capital punishment was unconstitutional except in cases of murder. American culture encourages men to commit sexual assault? Really?

Hahahahaha! You haven’t met a campus feminist. Hookstead’s letter was met with a hailstorm of obscenity-laced comments from female fellow students (sample: “Another male piece of shit sharing his ignorant, smug delusions for all to see”) and enough malign tweets for a roomful of baby vultures (sample: From the beautiful mind of a Pol-Sci major, shit in article form”). As you can see, few of the tweets and comments actually responded to Hookstead’s arguments.

The next step: The Badger Herald’s editor, self-proclaimed feminist Katherine Krueger, writes a piece arguing that Hookstead’s letter denying the existence of rape culture proves that rape culture exists.

The existence of ‘rape culture’ on college campuses — the social conditions that allow for the normalization of sexual assault and violence — leads to one in four college women being assaulted before they reach graduation. For evidence that rape culture is alive, well and thriving on the University of Wisconsin campus, look no further than David Hookstead’s letter to the editor.

His letter is the embodiment of rape culture.

In fact, Krueger was so outraged that Hookstead had expressed views contrary to the prevailing feminist dogma that she attached what she called a “sexual assault trigger” to his letter. In feminist-speak, that means that delicate female flowers in the student body might feel hurt just from reading what Hookstead had to say.

The “one in four” statistic, by the way, is pure hooey.

h/t: Ann Althouse

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