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Blog about cheapskate girls leads to request by cheapskate girl to do her job for free

November 8, 2013

This belongs in the “I rest my case” file:

Some time ago, I wrote a piece titled All Girls Are Cheapskates. In it, I presented a small sampling of miserly and—as I termed it at the time—”tacky” behavior women have exhibited  in my presence with respect to money in the recent past. The goal, of course, was to illustrate a truism that’s all too evident to any man who’s dated a lot—women are allergic, and generally unaccustomed, to spending their own money.


Then, a few days ago, I received the following request from a woman, a Helena Kincaid, who claimed to be a casting person for an MTV reality show called “Real Life” which, she added, was planning an episode on dating cheapskates.

Here’s Kincaid’s e-mail:

I am writing you because I’m currently working on casting an casting an episode of MTV’s True Life. The subject of this episode is “I’m dating a Cheapskate.” I’m wondering if it’s possible for you to put a small blerb on your website asking your readers if they, or anyone they know, is “dating a cheapskate” and would possibly be interested in being on the show.

Here’s his response:

I hope it’s not lost on you that in the end, you’re merely proving my point that all women are cheapskates. Here you are writing me–without a tinge of irony–asking for what amounts to a free advertising campaign. It’s like you can’t help but try to get free stuff from men.

Here’s what Kincaid said to that:

I think you’re a misogynist ass hole.

Fuck you and all that you stand for.


Beyond proving my original assertion that all women are cheap, this exchange illustrates the level of manipulation and disingenousness to which some will stoop in order to parasitically extract free stuff from men.

But despite all that went on between us–and in a spirit of forgiveness and generosity–I’ve decided to comply with Helena’s “request” and put out this short “blerb” [sic] plugging her show, setting aside her rather unsavory disposition and vulgar demeanor. If you or anyone you know is interested in being on this show–and working for and with Ms. Kincaid–feel free to reach out to her directly at the contact information above. Best of luck in your auditions!

That goes for you, too, dear readers. Kincaid’s contact e-mail (supplied by her) is: Be polite.

h/t Alpha Game

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