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Female blogger dumped from weenie “men’s” site for post defending father-headed families

November 13, 2013

Here’s what author Suzanne Venker posted on Nov. 7 at  The Good Men Project, the website for sensitive, caring, feminism-positive, drum-beating, readily weeping, politically correct men:

I could never raise my son without his father. I’d have to, of course, if my husband died. But it would be very, very hard. When it comes to my son, my husband is simply indispensable.


Fatherlessness hurts sons and daughters, of course. But I’m focusing on males for several reasons. (1) Our culture spends enough time on women and girls and not nearly enough on boys and men. (2) Males are different from females in that they have a propensity to act out on their personal pain , and society suffers as a result. Women’s pain is more internally focused. (3) Boys are  men in the making’ and are therefore harmed by fatherlessness in a primal and unique way.
The reality is, I can’t be Dad. No matter how much I love my son, I can never identify with his masculinity. I can’t know or feel it the way his father can. I can’t teach my son what it means to be a man. I can’t help him navigate puberty the way I can my daughter. Boys need men.
Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Also, pretty sensible. And obviously true.
Venker’s post stayed up on the site for exactly one hour. Then it disappeared, to be replaced by this:

Editor’s Note: We have removed the content of this article.

The content that formerly appeared here did not reflect The Good Men Project’s views or position and rest assured that we will work to ensure that a mistake like this won’t happen again.

During that hour, a commenter named “Chris” had posted this:

The sentiment in this article, while it may be true for the author, dismisses the experience of single mothers and lesbian mothers. Both groups have raised countless “good men” without a father anywhere in the picture. Parenting goes beyond our traditional binary gender roles, and children can be exposed to their much needed role models through extended family, community and mentors. “Wishing all children had a father” is code for a fundamentalist, traditional understanding of family that is culturally limited and short sighted. Children need good parents, period.

And now, six days later, the Ministry of Truth at Good Men has deleted the page completely.

So now, the idea of having a father in the family is “culturally limited.” It’s not nice to “single mothers and lesbian mothers.” We must erase all thoughts about the value of fathers–that’s “traditional binary gender roles” and we can’t have that. Oh, also “fundamentalist.” Two legs bad, four legs good.

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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