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Amanda Marcotte IQ Watch–she thinks the Obamacare “OMG, he’s hot!” ads are “cute”

November 18, 2013

Everyone else in America is either cringing at the ads depicting millennials as sex-addled helium-heads or wondering if the ads aren’t a “dirty tricks” Republican sabotage attempt at Obamacare:

An initial glance at the advertisements led Harsha Gangadharbatla, an associate professor of advertising at the University of Colorado at Boulder, to believe it was a joke toward Obamacare created by Republicans.

“I think it’s a strategic mistake,” Gangadharbatla said. “Consumers could see it as a joke, making it appear not to be a serious issue. And the issue of health care is clearly a serious issue in the United States. There’s already so many negative headlines and problematic issues out there with rollout of Obamacare, so why add fuel with ads like these, if the true intent is to enroll more young people.”

Gangadharbatla said the ads could also be viewed as stereotypical of millennials.

“Doing keg stands and shots makes it seem like that is the typical life of a young professional, which can be stretch,” Gangadharbatla said.

Even the reliably feminist Bustle calls the ads “cheesy” and “not exactly clever.”

But not Our Amanda. She’s miffed that people are laughing at the ads, but not in the way she’d like:

It’s a cute ad drawing attention to the fact that health insurance is required to cover contraception now. Of course, it’s also an ad that makes the apparently controversial observation that women might feel sexual desire like they’re people, so naturally, conservatives are up in arms.

And of course Amanda wastes no opportunity to hammer away at her favorite nail: The Republicans Are Coming to Take Your Birth Control Away:

The whining from the right shows why the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now were smart to run such a blunt ad highlighting the birth control benefit. Women do use birth control to have sex without getting pregnant, and if pro-choicers dance around that fact or employ euphemism to discuss it, it lends credence to the notion that there is something shameful about it. Being direct about sex provoked conservatives to once again reignite a no doubt doomed campaign to stigmatize contraception, making the right look like a radical fringe completely out of step with mainstream America.

No, Amanda, we on the right aren’t trying to “stigmatize” contraception. We think you have a right to pack as many one-nighters into your life as Carter has little liver pills. And please, pleeeeeze use birth control–we’d rather not have more you’s in the world. We just don’t want you to force other people to pay for the stuff.

BTW, are young women really dumb enough to think that a $900-a-month Obamacare insurance policy is a great idea because they get $20 a month worth of “free” birth-control pills? Amanda Marcotte thinks they’re that dumb.

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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