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Misandry crafts–that man-hating knitting and embroidering is all men’s fault, of course

November 26, 2013

Hayley Krischner writes this for Salon about the feminist fad for knitting your man-hatred into a muffler:

And because ladies, even the most riotous of ladies—after all, this generation’s interest in crafts started under the Riot Grrrl movement, where girls first embroidered “feminist” on pillows and formed knitting groups called “Stitch ’n Bitch”—like being girlish and tough, the misandry message has evolved in the form of arts and crafts. Check Etsy for the word misandry and you’ll find super-cute pom-pom knit hats with “misandry” emblazoned between rows of hearts. You’ll also find lavender and white heart-shaped misandry hair barrettes, a plastic misandry necklace and a misandry-adorned heart-shaped felt brooch with beads.

You’d think this might be cause for alarm–but noooo, it’s actually just fine:

But the truth is that feminists as a whole, despite what has been perpetuated, don’t hate men or wish for the torment of men. This doesn’t mean that male bashing doesn’t exist. It also doesn’t mean male bashing is somehow equivalent to female bashing. There is nothing equivalent to rape threats, sorry. And as Jezebel’s Lindy West writes, “The most powerful proponent of misandry in modern internet discourse is [men] — specifically, your dogged insistence that misandry is a genuine, systemic, oppressive force on par with misogyny.”

Translation: It’s OK for women to hate men, but it’s sure not OK for men to hate women.

Plus, men deserve it:

I could tell you about the rape threats against Zerlina Maxwell, or the death and rape threats against Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency. I could mention the misogynist hurricane of cruelty that vandalized Sarkeesian’s Wikipedia page and manipulated her Google search results to read “Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist video blogger and cunt.”

Go to Reddit or 4chan, or even YouTube. Go to Craigslist, read the comments on the CHVRCHES Facebook page, or look up the name Stella Creasy and you’ll find more of the same kind of verbal abuse, the same attacks, the same kind of threats. Men’s rights activists tend to cry misandry whenever these problems are pointed out–and now women, proudly or in jest, are starting to use the term themselves. Even women who like men (I like my husband, my father, my brother and my son very much, for instance) can see why women might use the word misandry. Because maybe, outside of the Rampant Internet Misogyny, they have, at one point in their life, endured some abuse by a man. Maybe it was a dude, or a bunch of dudes, who treated a woman badly in her 20s. Or maybe, it was just the whole of men—you know, The Patriarchy.

And as Amy Alkon points out:

Meanwhile, if men so much as tell a dirty joke while seated behind a woman who’s offended, she runs off and tattles on them.

H/t to Amy

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