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“What’s Your Excuse?” fit mom gets suspended from Facebook for “hate speech,” “fat-shaming”

November 27, 2013
This photo is fat-shaming hate speech

Maria Kang makes her living telling moms that they don’t have to look like deflated tires after childbirth if they eat right and exercise–so she posted on Facebook a photo of herself in workout clothes looking slim and fit, plus her three small boys. The photo caption: “What’s Your Excuse?” So guess what happened? She’s been suspended from Facebook for “hate speech.”

Just three hours after her post went viral, Facebook responded by removing the post and shutting down her account, calling the post “hate speech,” according to Kang. “I was pretty shocked,” Kang said. “They said that I wasn’t complying to community standards and if I continued posting the way I am that I’m going to be completely removed.”

Here’s Facebook’s response:

“A user reported content on her page, and it was mistakenly removed by Facebook. When we realized the error we corrected it immediately, and restored full access to Ms Kang. We apologize for the inconvenience.” Facebook did reinstate Kang’s account after two days, but they did not restore the post.

Kang’s crime is known as “fat-shaming.” It consists of pointing out that fat people usually aren’t very physically attractive. This hurts the feeling of fat people:

“I feel like that’s bullying other people,” Elk Grove [California] resident Jayana Hinkle said. “She can celebrate her success story, but when other people are trying to accept themselves, she just totally shoots that down. I don’t think that’s fair.”

See, the point is that we’re all supposed to have “fat acceptance.” We’re all supposed to think that obese, out-of-shape women are just “regular” women–no, make that “beautiful” women. As in this how-dare-she? commentary about Kang from Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams:

[S]he took to Facebook to criticize another viral sensation — Curvy Girl Lingerie’s Facebook campaign encouraging customers to submit photos of “regular” women in their underwear. As Curvy Girl’s Chrystal Bougon explained of the idea, “For most of us Curvies, we will have rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars, breasts that are natural and that have breast fed our babies. And we can still be STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL.” Kang had a different point of view. Writing on Facebook, she declared, “I was a little peeved because while I feel like it’s ok to love and accept your body, I think that we’re normalizing obesity in our society.” 

If you want to gag, click the above link and take a look at some of the photos Bougon posted. The women are “stunning,” all right. She captions the photos “Regular Woman in Lingerie.” That’s not an effort to normalize obesity? Posted by Charlotte Allen


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