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Another day, another fake victim story: friends of “no-tip waitress” say she’s a liar

November 28, 2013

Incident #2,777 in the “Persecuted Because I’m Gay/Black/Whatever” fiction line-up:

But [Dayna] Morales [the New Jersey waitress who claims she got a written critique of her lesbian lifestyle instead of a tip this past October] has been caught in multiple lies, telling co-workers she shaved her head because she had brain cancer and later telling them it was her friend who had brain cancer, her colleagues and friends said.

They said she also told co-workers at a day care center where she once worked that Superstorm Sandy severely damaged her home in Stony Point, and sent a boat into her living room. Concerned co-workers dropped by her home and found only minor damage to the carpet by her front door and no sign of a boat, they said.

“Every story she comes up with has a lie,” said Julie Howat, 23, of Pomona.

Karolee Larkin, 23, a former classmate, also worked with her at the day care center.“You can’t believe much of what she says,” Larkin said.Morales told people she was a former Marine who was sent to Afghanistan and that everyone in her platoon died in an explosion except her, Larkin and Howat said.The explosion left her with back injuries that required surgery and a couple of months to recover, Larkin said Morales told her employer. But during her time off, Morales posted photos of herself on Facebook enjoying a trip to Florida with a girlfriend, they said.Samantha Reidy of Pomona, who dated Morales for a month a couple of years ago, said Morales appeared to have undergone the back surgery, and sent pictures of herself in pain. But Reidy said Morales told her that she had a quick recovery that allowed her to take the trip. Morales, who stopped all contact with Reidy shortly after taking the trip to visit another girlfriend, got engaged to the other woman when she returned.Reidy said poems penned by Morales during their courtship that she kept appeared to have matched the writing on the restaurant receipt, bringing into question whether Morales wrote the note on the receipt herself.“She lies about everything,” Reidy said.A spokesman for the Marines, Major Shawn Haney, said in an email that Morales had served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve from July 13, 2009, to May 21, 2013 at the rank of Lance Corporal, E-3, as an administrative specialist. She was assigned to the Marine Air Group 49, 4th Marine Air Wing out of Newburgh and deployed from April to June 2012 to Romania as part of the Black Sea Rotational Force 11.

Meanwhile, Morales has reportedly collected about $2,000 in donations from well-wishers who believed her no-tip story, posted on Facebook along with a copy of the offending bill. Problems arose when the couple who supposedly stiffed her came forward with their own copy of the bill showing a generous tip and no note, along with their credit-card records to back up their claim.
That’s nothing, of course, compared with the nearly $11,000 in donations collected by Tennessee Red Lobster waitress Toni Christina Jenkins, who posted on Facebook in September a copy of a bill on which the customer had supposedly scrawled the n-word instead of a tip amount.
And then the problems began.[Devin] Barnes [whose signature appeared on the check Jenkins posted] flatly denies that he added the “N-word” to the receipt. And his attorney hired a handwriting expert to prove it.“A lot of people on the Internet who I don’t know are calling me a racist, and I’m thinking people have their own opinion, but I know I am not a racist,” Barnes said. “I don’t see color. I have many mixed color friends.”In a note written after the story went national, Barnes said, “I do not approve of the use of that type of talk, not now or ever.”He says that he and his wife have been subject to threats and harassment since his name went public in connection with the story.”No one should go through this at all,” Barnes said.The handwriting expert found no match between Barnes’ handwriting, seen on a note written by him below, and the writing of whoever wrote the offending term on the receipt. Barnes acknowledges being a lousy tipper. He said he wrote “none” on the tip line when he and his wife had to leave in a hurry and switched their order to take-out.The handwriting expert also ruled out Barnes’ wife as the writer of the word.

Jenkins denies that she wrote the “N-word” on the receipt herself, but she now says she does not believe that Barnes wrote it either. She also says that she regrets not blacking out Barnes’ name in the photo that she posted to Facebook.
Morales, at least, seemed to have learned something from this. In her apparent copy-cat posting just a month after Jenkins’s, she duly blacked out the name of the family she says victimized her.
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