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Feminists demand banning of book advising wives to be submissive–feminists are so tolerant

December 21, 2013

Scroll down for the photo of the Spanish senoras tearing up copies of the book:

The polemic book by married Italian author Costanza Miriano titled ‘Cásate y sé sumisa – Get Married and Be Submissive – was published by the Catholic Arbishopric of the southern city of Granada in November and soared up the bestseller list.

The book, which was a bestseller in Italy, preaches a message of “loyal obedience, generosity and submission” on the part of the new wife and offers nuggets of advice for the newly-wed on how to please one’s husband.

We can’t have that!

The book currently appears at number 15 on the Amazon bestseller list in Spain but has raised the hackles of modern-minded Senoras who even staged a public demonstration against the tome, where they tore up copies.

Women’s groups are considering legal action to get it banned arguing that it promotes gender violence.

One passage suggests: “We [women] like humiliation because it is for a greater good.”

The author claims the book is based on the teachings of St Paul and that a perfect wife should be submissive.

“It’s true, you’re not yet an experienced cook or a perfect housewife,” she writes. “What’s the problem if he tells you so? Tell him that he is right, that it’s true, that you will learn. On seeing your sweetness and your humility, your effort to change, this will also change him.

And if you think Spanish feminists are hopping mad at Miriano’s book, here’s Sarah Rainey of the U.K. Telegraph:

I’m not signing up to be a Stepford Wife!


From the very first page, one thing is clear: my fiancé must never read this book. In fact, no man must ever read this book. It would make any marriage impossible. Miriano starts by telling us that “we are not equal to men and to not recognise this is a guaranteed source of suffering”.


Miriano and her legions of Spanish fans might not be alone in their beliefs – but I’m not convinced. To my future husband, don’t get your hopes up. One day, I will promise to love and to cherish, till death us do part. But if this book bears any relation to modern marriage, count me out.

I have some advice for Rainey’s fiance–oh, forget it.

My only quarrel with Miriano’s book is the cover. It features a drawing of a man carrying his new bride over the threshhold as she nestles lovingly in his arms. My husband and I tried that when we got married. It doesn’t work very well when the bride is a 5’10” horse.

H/T: Instapundit

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