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Politically incorrect: “muffin top,” “plus-size”; politically correct: “fiercely real”

December 30, 2013

And don’t say “thunder thighs,” either:

Scottish MP Jo Swinson believes the ‘body shaming’ language damages people’s confidence and wants women and children to ban the terms from everyday conversation.

The equalities minister said: ‘It’s depressingly commonplace to hear women – and even young girls and children – insulting their own bodies.

‘Muffin tops, thunder thighs, cankles – fat talk and body shaming too easily become a habit and an expectation.’


Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence last week called for the word fat to be ‘illegal to use’ on television, and American model Tyra Banks has launched a campaign with the Special K cereal brand to discourage women from using fat talk.

The 40-year-old supermodel and America’s Top Model judge, who said she uses the term ‘fiercely real’ instead of ‘plus size.

She told Huffington Post Style: ‘I don’t like the label “plus-size”.

‘I don’t want to use the term “plus-size,” because, to me, what the hell is that? It just doesn’t have a positive connotation to it. I tend to not use it.’

Memo to the plus-size fiercely real:

Whatever you want to call yourself, you will appeal only to a small subset of men who go for plus-size fiercely real women. That’s fine. Just keep that in mind (and watch your grooming, because it’s way too easy for a plus-size fiercely real woman to look like a slob, especially if she has a muffin top fiercely real midriff protruding over her sweatpants. The overwhelming majority of men prefer women with slender figures, and are not sexually attracted to plus-size fiercely real women, no matter what those women call themselves. That’s life. Life, alas, is “body-shaming.”

H/T: Alpha Game

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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  1. Emma the Emo permalink

    The problem with this re-naming is that is becomes re-labelling. Many fat women describe themselves as “curvy”. The result is that when the word “curvy” is spoken, many people imagine an obese woman. And “fiercely real” is so comical-sounding that if it ever catches on, it will definitely become another word for a fat woman (who is trying to sound less fat, no doubt).

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