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Is there a bad abortion poetry contest? “Attempt to control our bodies, we poised to fight it”

January 16, 2014
Any attempt to control our bodies, we poised to fight it
Gone blame the system, that’s accurate
But we claim our inaction that’s activist
Our body’s not a target
Yet it’s under attack
Forward together
Never a single step back
We are the head of this body
We are the heart of this body
Your laws don’t rule this body
Ain’t nobody left for you
Catchy, no?
The song is titled My Body Politic, by the NC Music Love Army. Here’s the truly ugly-looking vid.
Here’s the hideous album cover:
And here’s a quote from composer Caitlin Cary:
“It’s a simple melody, and the words are simple: a resounding rejection of political control by any political body over our physical bodies, and a sort of a battle song to holler together as we charge against immoral laws,” says Caitlin Cary.
The “immoral law” in question was a bill passed by the North Carolina legislature and signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory on July 30, 2013. The law provides as follows:
The abortion legislation, Senate Bill 353, requires clinics that perform the procedure to meet standards similar to surgical centers. It also says health care providers can opt out of performing an abortion if it’s against their beliefs. And it would stop government insurance plans from paying for the procedure.
Very immoral, right? Is there anything that bad abortion poetry can’t do?
Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. Charlotte – LOVE your column! Ed

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