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“Trans” women blast “Vagina Monologues”-style events because they’re about vaginas–no fair!

January 30, 2014

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to brace yourself for yet another round of performances of The Vagina Monologues, the play that won’t go away.

Nothing could be more feministically correct than celebrating vaginas, right?

Not according to Michelle Goldberg, who writes for The Nation that feminist events using the word “vagina” are under ideological Twitter attack because, well, the world “vagina” is so exclusionary. What if you’re a “transgender woman” except that you can’t afford the “trans”-formation surgery to acquire an actual vagina. Or if you’re a “transgender man” stuck with with a vagina you don’t want to celebrate?

In a revolution-eats-its-own irony, some online feminists have even deemed the word “vagina” problematic. In January, the actress and activist Martha Plimpton tweeted about a benefit for Texas abortion funds called “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas,” sponsored by A Is For, a reproductive rights organization she’s involved with. Plimpton was surprised when some offended Internet feminists urged people to stay away, arguing that emphasizing “vaginas” hurts trans men who don’t want their reproductive organs coded as female. “Given the constant genital policing, you can’t expect trans folks to feel included by an event title focused on a policed, binary genital,” tweeted @DrJaneChi, an abortion and transgender health provider. (She mentioned “internal genitals” as an alternative.) When Plimpton insisted that she would continue to say “vagina,” her feed filled up with indignation. “So you’re really committed to doubling down on using a term that you’ve been told many times is exclusionary & harmful?” asked one self-described intersectional feminist blogger.

So let’s change the name of the play to The Internal Genitals Monologues. That’s pretty catchy.

H/T: Steve Sailer

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