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Girl Scout cookie boycott? I boycott them because they’re overpriced mediocre cookies

January 31, 2014

The Girl Scouts are at it again:

The Girl Scouts have apologized for seeming to endorse abortion advocate Wendy Davis in a tweet late last month, but the organizers and supporters of a planned boycott of Girl Scout Cookies are not impressed by the statement from the girls’ youth organization.

The endorsement has caused a firestorm of protest among Girl Scouts, their moms, and the public at large. The controversy comes at precisely the wrong time for the Girl Scouts, right in the middle of the cookie-selling season that nets the Girl Scouts somewhere around $700 million.

The tweet, from the Girl Scouts HQ, linked to a HuffPost piece about the “incredible ladies” of 2013, including, natch, Wendy Davis, the Texas Dem gubernatorial candidate whose main claim to fame was her 11-hour (but ultimately futile) filibuster as a state senator of a Texas bill (now law) forbidding third-trimester abortions of healthy babies. HuffPo’s source was, an online mouthpiece for Gloria Steinem, Eve ‘”Vagina Monologues” Ensler, abortion activist Amy Richards, and so forth.

Not surprisingly, Fox News’s Megyn Kelly latched onto the story, as did a number of former Girl Scouts and Girl Scout troop leaders not impressed by single-issue (abortion) candidate Davis and also probably wondering what on earth the Girl Scouts were doing in the company of radical feminists.

On Jan. 29 the Girl Scouts issued an apology of sorts:

December of 2013, Girl Scouts of the USA shared an auto-populated tweet, asking our social media audience to share their opinions about who should have been recognized in a discussion about 2013’s noteworthy women. While our intentions were good, many of our followers and the public at large raised concerns about the content they were driven to via our social channels. We listened, and would like to take a moment to sincerely apologize to anyone we have offended. We are truly sorry.

To be clear, Girl Scouts has not endorsed any person or organization. As our methods of communication evolve with technology, the mission of Girl Scouts remains the same: to continue building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

So far, the boycott’s organizers haven’t been impressed:

Christy Volanski, former Girl Scout mom and perhaps the leader of the Girl Scout reform movement, told Breitbart News, “As a former Girl Scout leader and supporter, Girl Scouts’ empty apology does not impress me. Girl Scouts tweet promoting Sen. Davis for her abortion rights advocacy is just one of a multitude of examples of the Girl Scouts featuring pro-abortion women and organizations to girl members.”

“And if the Girl Scout organization is ‘truly sorry,’ why is the offending tweet, referring girls to a HuffPo video praising Sen. Davis and abortion rights, still up on GSUSA’s twitter page?” she asked.

Ann Saladin, who created the website, told Breitbart News she wasn’t buying the apology either: “Another example of empty words. Tweet is still posted. Weeks have gone by with defense by GSUSA. Still word games: autopopulated is false claim! (And not the point.). Not truly sorry for their decision, sorry some have been offended, misinterpreted the purpose of the tweet.

“An apology now, 6 weeks later…..just days before ‘National Girl Scout Cookie Day’? Hmmm, wonder if what they’re sorry about is the drop in cookie sales,” she noted. “Still good on [Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen] Sebelius [author of the mandate that requires the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide contraceptive coverage] as a 2013 woman with ‘courage, confidence, and character.’ So I guess they only backtrack on the offenses that get widely picked up. Sick.”

And the left is pitching its usual denunciations. Here’s Katie McDonough of Salon. blaming the boycott on evil men:

Conservatives are in a tizzy over the Girl Scouts again.


[T]he tweet was enough to inspire John Pisciotta, an anti-choice activist in Texas, to call for a boycott, and a number of anti-choice groups have agreed to stop eating Caramel DeLites and TagaLongs to prove their point.

Me, I’ve been boycotting Girl Scout cookies for decades–because they’re lousy cookies. Even back when I was a Girl Scout, my food-snob mother refused to have the cookies in the house, pointing out that they were basically commercially baked Nabisco-level sweets repackaged in fancy boxes and selling for twice as much. And I myself don’t see why I should spend $4 for a box of 20 undistinguished cookies.

So I find it hilarious that the progressive elite and its usually food-fastidious locavores are suddenly touting the virtues of Caramel DeLites.

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  1. My favorite Girl-Scout cookie is the Thin Mint. But I can get exactly the same cookie at Big Lots or Dollar Tree, under the name “Winter Mints,” for one buck.

    The Winter Mints do come without the Girl Scout adorable cuteness, however.

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