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The UN’s latest burning “human rights” issue: Getting husbands to do more housework

March 5, 2014

UNESCO’s International Women’s Day is March 8, and guess what’s at the top of the agenda of abuses? No, not female circumcision, honor killings, or forced marriages of underage girls. It’s this:

Women and girls carry out two to 10 times more of the unpaid care work in the Global South and even the most progressive countries in the global North have not achieved full equality in domestic work and childcare.

I’m outraged at how far we still have to go to achieve equality even as we have achieved so much.

At the same time, I think that too much of the work to achieve full rights for women and girls lets men off the hook


Achieving full economic equality for women… means that men and boys must do 50% of the world’s unpaid care work: that includes washing dishes and waking up for 2:00 a.m. feedings.

I have a question: Why doesn’t “unpaid care work” ever include washing the car, fixing the leaky toilet, shoveling snow off the driveway, cleaning the leaves out of the rain gutters, and managing the household finances?.

This International Women’s Day, let’s affirm that we’re in this together as women and men. Our lives our [sic] intertwined.

So how about having an International Men’s Day where husbands can complain about their wives not doing their “fair share” of changing the tires?

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  1. Lastango permalink

    For strategically-minded feminists, freeing women to seek positions of power really is job #1.

    This requires tricking men into willingly adopting the homemaker role — not an easy task after 40 years of feminists demeaning women who stay home. When marketing feminism to young women, it simply won’t do to have so many high-ranking women be perceived as losers because they’re divorced, never-married, and childless, all while also being older. If only men would agree to stay home, and get out of the way by stepping off the career path!

    So there’s a full-court press on:

    – outreach to men, pretending feminism wants to free men too.
    – defining a New Masculinity, centered on New Dads.
    – shelving polarizing rhetoric like “patriarchy”, and instead blaming cultural and societal structures that “oppress us all”.

    So, now we have the likes of bell hooks talking about “love”, in place of sisterhood proclamations that fish don’t need bicycles. We’re hearing about the need to make peace in the gender wars, meaning men should stop being “angry” and sit down to dialogue with feminists ready to help them along a path that runs through genderfeminist ideological space and leads to enlightenment.

    The sisterhood is still there, and still the same pack of Marxist thugs they always were, but now they know they need to play their cards smarter.

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