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“Why I can’t stand white belly dancers”–and I can’t stand Misty Copeland dancing ballet

March 6, 2014

It’s “cultural appropriation”:

One of the most awkward occurrences for me when I go out to an Arabic restaurant is the portion of the evening when the white belly dancer comes out. This usually happens on weekends, and I’ve learned to avoid those spaces then, but sometimes I forget. The last time I forgot, a white woman came out in Arab drag — because that’s what that is, when a person who’s not Arab wears genie pants and a bra and heavy eye makeup and Arabic jewelry, or jewelry that is meant to read as “Arabic” because it’s metallic and shiny and has squiggles of some kind — and began to belly-dance.


Women I have confronted about this have said, “But I have been dancing for 15 years! This is something I have built a huge community on.” These women are more interested in their investment in belly dancing than in questioning and examining how their appropriation of the art causes others harm. To them, I can only say, I’m sure there are people who have been unwittingly racist for 15 years. It’s not too late. Find another form of self-expression. Make sure you’re not appropriating someone else’s.

So, go away with all that Firebird, Misty Copeland–it’s our ballet! Ballet is white! It’s for white people. It’s by white people–Stravinksy was a Russian. White people invented the tutu–and we feel personally offended when you go onstage wearing one. We say,  “Oh, drat, there’s the black ballet dancer!’ We also invented the symphony orchestra, so what I’m saying goes for you, too, Yo Yo Ma, Chinese guy with the gall to play our cello–in public!. Stop with the “appropriation” of “someone else’s culture,” you non-whites.  Find some other form of self-expression.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. pabarge permalink

    I’ve done the research and look, here is the author of the piece:


  2. Belly Dancer permalink

    Your post is tragic, I feel sorry about you. By the way idiot, belly dancing began in Greece as a form of prayer to Venus. Educate yourself.
    And I won’t even bother to talk about the rest of all the racist bullshit you’ve written.

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