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Eich defenestration: “Anti-bullying” gay rights activists are the biggest bullies around

April 7, 2014

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Hey, gay rights activists: Why are you doing your best to make everyone hate you?

I’m talking about the forced resignation of Mozilla Corp. CEO Brendan Eich. Because six years ago as a private citizen — I repeat, six years ago as a private citizen — he contributed $1,000 — I repeat, $1,000 — to the campaign for Proposition 8, the approved ballot measure that changed the California Constitution to say that marriage between a man and a woman would be the only kind of marriage that the state would recognize as legal. (The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals later ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional, and the state of California, under Gov. Jerry Brown, refused to defend the measure, so the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013 let the 9th Circuit decision stand.)

Who cares that Eich happened to be a co-founder of Mozilla and was also the inventor of JavaScript, the most popular programming language on the Internet? Who cares that Eich, after assuming his new role as CEO in March (he was promoted from his position as chief technology officer), wrote a heartfelt statement on his personal blog affirming his commitment to “ensuring that Mozilla is, and will remain, a place that includes and supports everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, race, ethnicity, economic status, or religion”?

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  1. Kathy Ingwerson, friend of Robert McCann. From FaceBook 4-7-14 permalink

    Robert McCann
    6 hrs ·

    Let me respond to sections of this opinion piece today by Charlotte Allen:

    “You can oppose gay marriage on religious grounds”.

    True. But you can’t use those grounds to advocate that governments shouldn’t recognize gay marriage, any more than you can advocate for any legislation that tramples other people’s basic rights, freedoms, and dignity strictly by virtue of a religious teaching.

    “You can oppose it on grounds of tradition (no human society ever recognized marriage between two members of the same sex until quite recently).

    No, you can’t. An appeal to tradition is not a sufficient basis for laws that target an identifiable minority group for unequal treatment. Read your case law on this subject, you ignorant…oh, never mind.

    “You can oppose it on practical sociological grounds: that traditional marriage provides important legal recognition for the stable raising of children by their biological parents.”

    No, you cannot oppose gay marriage on the grounds that denying gay couples the right to marry has a positive impact on child rearing in traditional mother-father environments. Not only is there no sociological research establishing a causal connection between anti-gay marriage laws and the welfare of children in opposite-sex households, there has been no articulation of a connection plausible enough to be even remotely persuasive.

    “You can wholeheartedly support — as I do — civil unions, domestic partnerships or any other arrangement that allows people who love each other to enjoy the same easy transfers of property and other rights as married people.”

    Correct, unless your “wholehearted support” comes at the price of opposing marriage recognition for same-sex couples, which your support does, Ms. Allen. With no compelling argument against same-sex marriage (see my responses to your “arguments” above), your position, that governments should deny marriage certificates to same-sex couples, but provide legal substitutes that are equivalent to marriage in all but name, is quite untenable.

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