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New feminist gripe: Little boys get bigger allowances than little girls. Bad sexist parents!

May 8, 2014

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Horrors! It turns out that not only do women earn only 77 cents for every man’s dollar — or something sort of like that — but it turns out that little boys make more money in the form of allowances from their parents than little girls make. Time for another federal program! No, make that another civil rights law!

According to a recent Junior Achievement survey: “Parents are more likely to give their sons an allowance than their daughters. Among all young people surveyed, 67 percent of boys compared with 59 percent of girls say they get an allowance from their parents.”

Isn’t that awful?

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One Comment
  1. The whole thing is childish and invidious, but it reminds me of a conversation in “Huckleberry Finn”:

    Jim: “How much do a king get?”
    Huckleberry: “Get? Why, they get a thousand dollars a month if they want it; they can have just as much as they want; everything belongs to them.”

    That’s pretty much the way of little children.

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