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Antidote to feminist Elliot Rodgers-whinging: “Chef,” the film that celebrates men and meat

June 6, 2014

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

“Chef” is a movie about masculinity. It’s about a man becoming a man by acting like a man. It’s a thoroughly sexist movie, in the very best sense of the word. It’s a welcome respite to the two-week orgy of blame-hurling at male culture that’s followed the hapless Elliot Rodger’s killing spree in Santa Barbara. Indeed, I’m surprised that feminists and the prissy males who love them haven’t issued ringing denunciations of “Chef” (I’ve seen only one such, on the lady-professor blog Feminéma.)

Let’s start with that meat. It’s all big, hearty slabs: those supersize tenderloins in L.A.; the chunks of marinated Cuban-style pork in Miami; the hefty cubano sandwiches with which Casper, fired from his restaurant, begins his food-truck redemption; the barbecued, smoker-blackened Texas brisket from the Franklin Barbecue in Austin (when can I move there?). This is alpha-male food, the kind of food men love to cook and eat — and women too, for one of the subtle points that “Chef” makes is how attracted women are to edible assertions of masculinity. Witness the shapely chicks in bikinis lining up in South Beach for Casper’s cubanos.

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  1. Lastango permalink

    For some reason, I’m suddenly hungry.

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