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xoJane tells men how to be feminists: Do the housework and don’t sit like JFK or Jesus

June 19, 2014

The piece is titled “35 Practical Steps Men Can Take to Support Feminism.” A better title would be: “35 Practical Steps Men Can Take Not to Get Laid.

My favorite of the 35 is this one: “[D]on’t sit with your legs splayed so that other people can’t comfortably sit next to you, etc.”

In other words, don’t sit like John F. Kennedy or his brother Bobby:

Presidential Candidate John Kennedy Conferring with Brother and Campaign Organizer Bobby Kennedy Photographic Print

And don’t sit like Jesus:

JPG - 71.8 kb

But there is some other fine advice:

1. Do 50% (or more) of housework.
You need to do your share of housework all the time, of your own accord, without procrastinating, without being asked, without making excuses.
2. Do 50% (or more) of emotional support work in your intimate relationships and friendships.
Recognize that women are disproportionately responsible for emotional labour and that being responsible for this takes away time and energy from things they find fulfilling.
23. Don’t treat your spouse like a “nag.” If she is “nagging,” you are probably lagging.
30. Inject feminism into your daily conversations with other men.

If your father doesn’t do his fair share of housework, talk to him about why this is important.

34. Get in the habit of treating your maleness as an unearned privilege that you have to actively work to cede rather than femaleness being an unearned disadvantage that women have to work to overcome.

35. Self-identify as a feminist.
Yes, go emo, do those dishes without being asked, let her push you around, nag your dad the way she nags you, and–especially–apologize ceaselessly for being a man.
In other words, be kind of like a woman. She will be all over you!
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  1. this is from the same website that tells men they can’t be feminists. i guess they are hoping to find the next hugo (you know, an attactive male feminist) because they haven’t had much luck so far.

  2. Lastango permalink

    Here’s my personal favorite:

    “26. Find female mentors/leaders. (i.e., Be subordinate to women.)”

    As a nutshell summary of how an apparatchik feminist views men, that’s hard to beat. From this position, the man can serve as the wind beneath the wings of her entitlement as she soars to new heights of power and influence.

  3. Days of Broken Arrows permalink

    What sort of tyrannical megalomaniac would attempt to micromanage the minutiae of people’s lives like this? Had a man attempted to govern women’s lives to this degree, his writing career would be over instantly. Also, this writing strikes me as something that might be written by a nun to grade schoolers — is that what feminism has become? This could not possibly be what Steinem, Jong, or even Friedan had in mind.

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