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Casting 67-year-old Susan Sarandon as a grandmother–that’s Hollywood “ageism”!

July 4, 2014

Jezebel’s Kara Brown is outraged that Susan Sarandon plays a role in Tammy that actually matches her biological age:

It’s no secret that Hollywood loves its pretty young thangs. Meaning that once a woman hits an age where starts looking like she’s actually lived a life, she’s tossed into the “mom roles” bucket and is legally required to soak for no less than four hours a day in a vat of paraffin wax and retinol.

The “mom roles” often see women playing mother to an actor who may only be ten to fifteen years younger than her and we as an audience are supposed to suspend our disbelief and turn our eyes away from the obvious ageism. Unfortunately, we see this played out yet again in the new Melissa McCarthy film, Tammy.

67 year-old Susan Sarandon plays 43 year-old McCarthy’s grandmother.

BMelissa McCarthy (center) as the title character, and Susan Sarandon as her grandmother Pearl, in "Tammy." The film makes the mistake of placing McCarthy in the "straight man" role. Photo: Michael Tackett, Warner Bros.

Because it’s “ageism” when Hollywood doesn’t assign 67-year-olds to play 27-year-olds.

Actually, there is something odd about the casting in Tammy. But it’s not Susan Sarandon playing someone who might actually be a 67-year-old in real life. It’s 43-year-old Melissa McCarthy playing a thirtysomething (at the oldest) woman who supposed to be the film’s romantic lead.

But you can’s say boo about McCarthy–and not just because her husband, Ben Falcone, directed the film. McCarthy is a plus-size–and remember the hullaballoo when someone criticized her appearance in a giant overcoat on the cover of Elle a few months ago? That was “fat-shaming”! McCarthy was “stunning”! Remember?

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  1. they are complaining about “mom roles” but some actresses get insane plastic surgery to avoid those roles while simultaneously complaining that there are no roles for older actresses. it’s just complain, complain, complain.

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