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“I’m a federal employee, so why can’t I get a free abortion at taxpayer expense?”

July 12, 2014

Generous salary, 9-to-5 hours, job security, paid vacations, flex time, comp time, Cadillac health care, and defined-benefit pensions from an entity that will never go bankrupt–but I’m being “punished” because U.S. taxpayers, who often don’t have any of the above, wouldn’t cough up the $480 for my RU-486:

Isn’t that sad?

I was thrilled to work for the federal government for six years. I believe passionately in the importance of public service, and I had both job security in a field I care deeply about and amazing co-workers. It never occurred to me that my employment placed me at any disadvantage — until I came face to face with special laws that restricted my reproductive choices.


But after leaving to do some of the required paperwork, the nurse quickly returned and sat down with me, holding my hand as she told me that, as a federal employee enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, my health-care coverage is barred by Congress from paying for abortion services except in cases of rape or incest or when the life of the woman is in danger. If I wanted to terminate my pregnancy, I was on my own.


The procedure cost around $480, due immediately. I am fortunate: I was able to pay for the abortion without affecting my ability to honor other financial commitments. But not that long ago, I couldn’t have managed that, and I fear for the women who can neither afford the procedure nor wait for their next payday to take action. The clinic I went to was only minutes from both my house and my workplace, so I didn’t have to find a way to pay for last-minute travel expenses.

In the end, I would have gotten an abortion with or without the restrictions placed upon me as a federal employee. It was the right decision for me. Restricting my access to health coverage didn’t prevent my pregnancy, and it certainly didn’t influence my choice. All it did was punish me, financially and otherwise, for making a responsible, physician-approved health-care decision.

Memo #1 to single female federal employees: Abortions, like everything else, cost money. Keep that in mind the next time you want to go out for a latte or treat yourself to another pair of shoes.

Memo #2 to single female federal employees: Having to pay for something that practically everyone else has to pay for isn’t being “punished.” It’s being like everyone else. That’s hard to remember when you’re a federal employee with basketfuls of job benefits that many Americans who don’t work for the federal government never see in their entire lives.

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  1. If Roe v Wade were repealed the annual cost to the taxpayer is $10 billion*. And that’s not counting the cost of building the orphanages it will take to house the unwanted children that were formerly unwanted pregnancies. The 25.2 million population increase during the first 18 years post repeal will need a roof over their heads, food, clothing, education. Foster care is already overloaded and rife with corruption.

    The $453 billion to construct the 360,000 orphanages is detailed below.* The average orphanage houses 70 kids, so 25.2 million divided by 70 is 360,000. Each orphanage costs $1.26 million to build (70 * 200sf * $90 per sf.) Three hundred sixty thousand orphanges times $1.26 million is $453,000,000,000.

    This brings the total tab for the first 18 years to a staggering $463 billion. That’s nearly half a trillion dollars to construct housing, and ten billion a year to house, clothe, feed and educate the unwanted children forced upon the taxpayer.

    Unwanted pregnancies become unwanted children. You can’t legislate the desire to have a child, so these unlucky unwanteds will be handed over to the state. Or they’ll be shuffled around and mistreated until they eventually end up wards of the court or in juvenile detention.

    In highly populated countries where abortion is illegal or strictly controlled, hoardes of abandoned kids roam the streets begging, stealing, prostituting, drug dealing. Is this what we want for America?

    Criminalizing abortion is not saving lives; it’s depriving unwanted children of the birthright of every child–the primal love of devoted parents– condemning them to lives of low self-esteem and despair.

    Loving parents are foundational to a strong society. Forcing women to have unwanted children is no way to get there. But if abortion is re-criminalized, it would be horrificly irresponsible to not consider the cost. Are you ready? Half a trillion dollars over eighteen years is $25.7 billion a year. Get out your checkbooks.

    GOP leadership has people who can use a calculator. Numbers don’t lie. They know that repealing Roe v Wade would cripple America fiscally and socially.

    The GOP leadership has no intention of ever repealing Roe v Wade, but they keep pretending otherwise. Ask yourself why.

    *Operating budget:
    a. Annual abortions 1.4 million
    b. Avg years of care 18
    c. Cumulative # in care (a*b) 25.2 million new children
    d. Annual cost per child $40,000
    e. Cumulative operating cost = $9.6 billion

    Rounded, that’s $10 billion a year, every year after the first eighteen, without considering capital costs, inflation, crime and other social costs.

    Capital Budget:

    25.2 million kids / 70 per orphanage * 200 sq ft * $90 cost per sf = $453,000,000,000.

  2. Birth is a minuscule fraction in the equation of life. What matters is the first eighteen years that follow, the foundation for the string of decades looming below the horizon of adulthood.

    Picture a puppy being dragged to its cage in an animal shelter and ponder what happens to unwanted children.

    There are over 400,000 children in foster care and orphanages in the United States today. California alone has 80,000. It’s a myth that there are ample qualified parents waiting to adopt.

    Adoptive parents are picky. They want one fresh and clean and perfect. Many spend thousands and fly overseas to find one.

    There were 1.4 million abortions in the US in 2011. Unterminated, unwanted pregnancies become unwanted children. Criminalize abortion by repealing Roe vs Wade and the resulting surge in births will explode into a population of wards of the court, statutory orphans for the state to raise. Open your checkbook. Taxes will have to rise to pay for their housing and upkeep.

    Who will love these boys and girls when their biological parents walk away? What kind of childhood will they have? Who will teach them to ride a bike or throw a ball? What will birthdays and Christmases be like in a children’s home or foster care? Who will cheer for them at report card time, at sports events or the school play?

    Or had you thought of that?

    A foster child will never know what it means to come home for the holidays. Home is where family is, where your things are, where someone makes your favorite dish or dessert, just for you. Home is where you feel loved.

    Except in rare cases, foster care can only give an illusion of family. A foster child is a mere boarder whose rent is paid by the state. It’s a second-class scenario at best to sit down at meals looking across at the real son or daughter. Words are unnecessary. The message sinks in over time.

    What kind of adulthood do you think lies ahead for one who was cast-off as a child? Do you care? Should you care? Where do you think the majority of our prison population comes from?

    On Christmas Day after the gifts have been unwrapped and you sit down to feast on turkey and cranberry sauce, picture the puppy and his waiting cage. You don’t have to dwell on it. Just give it a moment.

    Being born is only the starting point for a lifetime of consequences.

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