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Woman whose 3 shelter dogs died buys a 4th from a breeder–and gets slammed by PC police

July 24, 2014

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

The last months of all three dogs’ lives were miserable for the animals and extraordinarily costly for their owner. Yogi required nearly three years’ worth of chemotherapy for his lymphoma. Clarence was afflicted with both epilepsy and pancreatitis. Mookie’s last two years were marked by seizures and constant trips to the veterinarian.

So after Mookie died last November Auerbach decided not to undergo for a fourth time the anguish of adopting a shelter dog with an unknown history and unknown medical problems, but to buy her next dog from a breeder instead. She bought a 2-year-old French bulldog named Pony who needed “re-homing” because she was the wrong colors for showing.

From the reactions that Auerbach got from other people, you would think that she had strangled her grandmother to come up with Pony’s purchase price.


“I am appalled that this was published and cringe at the damage it will cause at the shelter/rescue level,” wrote one commenter who identified herself as a veterinarian. “[P]eople like you should not own a pet,” wrote another.

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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