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Women who post sexy Facebook pics of selves judged less competent–also, sun rises in east

July 26, 2014

Um, this is actually considered a problem?

Women can’t get ahead no matter what they do, and this is a society where women who are sexual (or present themselves sexually) are judged. They’re sluts, they’re easy, they’re vapid and shallow. But on the flip side, women who don’t take enough care in their appearance, who dress sloppily, who don’t fit the required metric of how women should look, are also criticized, and here’s where this study starts to fall apart.


Women and girls have heard that they need to hide their bodies from sight in order to avoid ruffling feathers for too long. Studies like this one identify a known issue, but they often fall short of the mark when suggesting resolutions: Why is the solution to sexism covering up and hiding women’s bodies? Why isn’t it fighting sexism?

How about if women dress neither sluttily nor sloppily but try to look attractively professional?

Instead of like this:
Study: If You Post A Sexy Profile Picture, Your Peers Will Get Judgey
Isn’t it pretty obvious who looks the more “competent” to do an adult-world job?
But that kind of facing reality would that would wreck the man-blaming (or “society”-blaming) feminist worldview. Women wouldn’t be able to present themselves as someone else’s victims. And it would also throw a monkey wrench into the latest feminist meme: “I should get to do whatever I want, and you shouldn’t be allowed to judge me.”
Posted by Charlotte Allen

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