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Sexist outrage! Jezebel discovers women’s deodorant costs more than men’s deodorant

August 17, 2014

The patriarchy strikes again:

Did you know you are still paying as much as 30 cents more per stick of deodorant than a man “version” for no good reason, when, if anything, a dude’s deodorant needs more of the anti-pit stink stuff in it? Seems fair, huh? And don’t get me started on what you’re squandering on dry cleaning!


But the real issue is of course WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY ARE WE PUTTING UP WITH THIS SHIT? It seems so clear-cut, as issues go, that it’s wrong. And every time I think about it, I’m infuriated again, and then I just go back to my life and forget about it until another thing reminds me. For some weird reason, I think nothing is to be done. But that is not true. And it’s also lazy.


When it comes to deodorant, sunscreen, moisturizer, and razors, check ingredients and buy the cheaper dude version. Find, and patronize, hair salons that charge one price for everyone.

I like a more confrontational approach: Ask for the cheaper rate at your salon if you feel your haircut merits less work, or ask for an explanation of the pricing. If more people do this, more retailers and businesses will reexamine their approach. And never underestimate the beauty of complaining: Online, on social media, to retailers, to brands, to marketing companies, to your representative, to anyone who will listen. Investigate pricing at your local drugstore (as Bustle did recently), post the results online and alert the brands that you’re aware of this scam. Make them have to answer for it!

Whew! I think that somebody has an awful lot of time on her hands.

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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One Comment
  1. Lastango permalink

    Man, I’ve had it up to here with Jezebel’s complicity with the patriarchy. It’s a sign of their own privilege that the Jezzies don’t recognize that deodorant, razors, etc. should be provided free to women. Sandra Fluke is on her way over to kick some Jezzie butt.

    And telling women to “buy the cheaper dude version” – !?!?!?! That should have come with a trigger warning. Since when should women have to support the paleo-masculine product matrix to avoid being financially raped? Besides, what’s up with the razors? Shaving is oppression!

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