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Feminist war against catcalling: It’s really about white-collar contempt for blue-collar men

August 27, 2014

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

[A]s Kimberly Fairchild, a psychology professor at Manhattan College, told CNN in 2008, catcalling “encourages women to look at themselves as body parts instead of as full, whole, intelligent human beings” and can cause women to fear for their safety. “When a man catcalls you, you don’t know if it will end at that point or if it could escalate to assault,” she said.

Really? It usually “ends at the point” at which the attractive woman has finished walking by. Remember that those guys are actually on the job, or maybe taking a lunch break. They don’t have time for “assault.” They have to work for a living.

There’s an obvious element of class snobbery in all this feminist hand-wringing over catcalling. Blue-collar construction workers and white-collar lawyers might be thinking the same thing when they see a pretty girl in a short skirt on a busy sidewalk — men are intensely visually oriented in their sexual responses — but it’s not part of college-educated male culture to wolf-whistle. The anti-catcalling movement is essentially a way of looking down on men who work with their hands.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. thegirlwithamillionviews permalink

    As a 16 year old girl, I really don’t understand where you’re going with this article. I have no care for class, its not a big thing where I live. Being catcalled isn’t a nice feeling and men whether they ‘work with their hands’ or not, should either find a more respectable way of approaching a woman they’re interested in or keep their mouths shut

  2. What's this for? permalink

    “As a 16 year old girl”. When your 40, a crude catcall will make your day. Your sixteen. There are people on this earth who are triple your age. Has it occurred to you that what you think people “should” do, doesn’t much effect others? Be thankful you live in a safe area. Pop open a history book. Most of history isn’t safe. Many times in history groups of women face either death or rape. Not a fun choice.

    Society doesn’t center around catering to what you think everyone should do. Be thankful for rough men like those who catcall have decided to build a wonderful place for you to live instead of raping and pillaging all day.

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