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California’s sex consent bill: “Now every college in the state will be like Antioch in 1991!”

August 31, 2014

All California Gov. Jerry Brown has to do is sign it and all California campus life will be like this:

Male Date Rape Player #2: I sure had a nice time at that ragin’ kegger. May I kiss you on the mouth.

Female Date Rape Player #2: Yes. Kissing me on the mouth.. is sometihng I feel.. com-fort-a-ble with. [ they kiss on the mouth ] Mmmm.. that.. was nice!

Male Date Rape Player #2: Would you mind if we had sexual intercourse?

Female Date Rape Player #2: No..

[ Ariel buzzes in ]

Dean Frederick Whitcomb: Helpern-Strauss?

Ariel Helpern-Strauss: Date Rape! No always means no!

What’s interesting is that back in 1991 they called it “date rape.” Now, it’s just plain “rape.”

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  1. Sam L. permalink

    No, as in “no, I don’t mind if you want intercourse; I’m up for/down for that”? Or no, as in “no, I would mind; I don’t want that with you (now/but maybe later/never).

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