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Amanda Marcotte hates everything: Now it’s the “tyranny” of the home-cooked family meal

September 4, 2014

Next Amanda Marcotte hate-rant target: the “tyranny” of decorating the family Christmas tree.

Beyond just the time and money constraints, women find that their very own families present a major obstacle to their desire to provide diverse, home-cooked meals. The women interviewed faced not just children but grown adults who are whiny, picky, and ungrateful for their efforts. “We rarely observed a meal in which at least one family member didn’t complain about the food they were served,” the researchers write. Mothers who could afford to do so often wanted to try new recipes and diverse ingredients, but they knew that it would cause their families to reject the meals. “Instead, they continued to make what was tried and true, even if they didn’t like the food themselves.” The saddest part is that picky husbands and boyfriends were just as much, if not more, of a problem than fussy children.

Oh, I see. It’s all men’s fault.

BTW, what are those “boyfriends” doing freeloading at the family dinner table? Just askin’.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

From → Amanda Marcotte

  1. they really are running out of things to complain about.

  2. Heidi permalink

    The original article Marcotte is even dumber. Basically, the authors inteviewed a bunch of women who complained that cooking was too time-consuming, expensive, and unrewarding. Curious that NONE of the women inteviewed admitted to actually liking to cook. Do I smell an agenda?

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