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Amanda Marcotte is upset because people think her “Cooking Is Tyranny” post was stupid

September 11, 2014

Boo hoo!

I’m saddened to realize that it’s time to permanently delete my mentions feed and give up looking at anyone tweeting @AmandaMarcotte. While there are still plenty of people who tweet at me with helpful comments and thoughtful opinions, including people who disagree with me, in the past few months (years?), most of what I get is harassment from users harboring a bilious hatred of feminists. Or, sometimes, just a hatred of me, a person they do not know.


Then I posted a simple piece on Slate about a sociological study of the obstacles mothers who want to cook for their families face. I don’t shy away from posting controversial things, but I honestly didn’t think it would be provocative to note that, for working moms, time is scarce and ingratitude stinks. Despite this, I got slammed on Twitter by extremely hostile conservatives, most of whom didn’t seem to have read the post that riled them up so much. What was unnerving was how the reaction was just so personal.

The most common tactic was to “diagnose” me, arguing that I am crazy and unloved and therefore I hate dinner, families, and perhaps joy itself. The right wing website Twitchy sent most of it my way by calling me a “perpetual victim,” even though I did not mention my own relationship to cooking and the post had nothing at all to do with me. “Is @AmandaMarcotte an oppressed victim when she feeds her cats?” read a typical tweet. “I wonder if @AmandaMarcotte is ever happy about anything,” wrote another. “She’s not snarky, just bitchy and miserable. And you know what they say about misery loving company and all…” wrote a self-appointed Twitter psychologist. “Perhaps finding a soulmate that can cook will help @AmandaMarcotte overcome her lack of ability to boil water,” read a twofer accusing me of being both lonely and incompetent. “Marcotte is a complete and utter crackpot who seems to really hate families,” said another. “Whiney much? If u hate your family leave,” advised another expert on my life.

People are so mean to Amanda!

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