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Latest “civil rights victims”: People who can’t get jobs ‘cuz they’re tatted from head to toe

September 24, 2014

They want you to be forced to hire people who look like this:

Amii Parr

I’m a heavily tattooed 20-year-old girl. I’ve had very mixed reactions to my art. I find that because I’m such a young girl and have as many as I do (I lost count at 50) that people either love them and find me brave or hate me and insult me by using my tattoos as ammunition.

I’ve even had an employer hang up the phone on me when they found out I had tattoos.

Amii Parr

About a year and a half ago, in 2012, I applied for a job as a waitress. It was a half telephone interview, half seeing when you’re free. It was going fine. The employer started talking about the uniform. When he said it was short-sleeved, as soon as I said I had my arms tattooed, he just hung up.


I’m not rude or horrible. I don’t do drugs or anything. I work hard, pay bills, do charity work for animals and yet they call me disgusting names for no reasons. The art I have isn’t even offensive. Just cause I’m heavily tattooed doesn’t mean I’m nasty, scary or stupid.

Yes, I’m just dying to be served an expensive steak at an upscale restaurant by a waitress with Elvis’s face embedded in her left arm.
Here’s some girl-to-girl advice to you, Cartoon Shins: You may not be nasty, but those tats sure  look scary to me. I won’t even go into stupid.
Oh, and also lose the magenta hair and that dumb lipstick job.
h/t: Steve Sailer
Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. How about this civil-rights victim: skateboarders who play with their idiotic little toys on sidewalks and in the streets, making everybody hate them. Aren’t these overgrown louts, these arrested-development cases, also sympathy-worthy?

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