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Wuss Steve Almond’s war against football: “It’s a masculine game–and I hate masculinity”

October 4, 2014

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Feminism and the NFL are not compatibleMisogynistic football

“[H]ow do you justify glorifying a game that defines men as heroically violent warriors and women as sexual ornaments who jiggle on the sidelines?” Almond writes in Salon. Those “sexual ornaments” would be the NFL cheerleaders. Almond doesn’t approve of them, either.

He writes: “I understand why football exerts such a powerful grip on men. The game is an exalted cult of hyper-masculinity, a place of refuge where dudes can escape the moral complexities and disappointments of adulthood, where heroism is defined as courageous and brutal and, above all, male.”

Well, duh.

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