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Lena Dunham’s “rape”: “I took some guy home when I was drunk and he didn’t use a condom”

October 6, 2014

But he was a Republican, so that made it rape!:

The real tale — or what she remembers of it — is much more painful. It begins at a party where Dunham is alone, drunk and high on Xanax and cocaine. It’s in that state that she runs into Barry, who she describes as “creepy,” and who sets off an alarm of “uh-oh” in her head as soon as she sees him.

Barry leads me to the parking lot. I tell him to look away. I pull down my tights to pee, and he jams a few of his fingers inside me, like he’s trying to plug me up. I’m not sure whether I can’t stop it or I don’t want to.

Leaving the parking lot, I see my friend Fred. He spies Barry leading me by the arm toward my apartment (apparently I’ve told him where I live), and he calls out my name. I ignore him. When that doesn’t work, he grabs me. Barry disappears for a minute, so its just Fred and me.

“Don’t do this,” he says.

“You don’t want to walk me home, so just leave me alone,” I slur, expressing some deep hurt I didn’t even know I had. “Just leave me alone.”

He shakes his head. What can he do?

After the two return to her apartment, Dunham does everything she can to convince herself that what’s happening is a choice. “I don’t know how we got here, but I refuse to believe it’s an accident,” she writes. She goes on to describe the event in graphic detail. Once he has forced himself on her, she talks dirty to him, again, to convince herself that she’s making a choice. But she knows she hasn’t given her consent.When she sees the condom in the tree — she definitely did not consent to not using a condom — she struggles away and throws him out.

Let’s unravel this:

1. Lena gets triple-high: Booze, Xanax, and cocaine, then goes to a party.

2. There, Lena runs into a guy named Barry, who’s got to be a creep because he belongs to the GOP.

3. Lena gives Barry the Republican her address, and the two head out to the party parking lot.

4. Lena urinates in front of Barry in the parking lot. Classy!

5. Barry gropes Lena. Lena can’t decide whether she likes it or what.

6. Barry and Lena head for Lena’s apartment. On the way they run into Lena’s friend, Fred, who says, “Don’t do this.” Lena essentially ignores Fred and continues with Barry to her apartment.

7. Barry has his way with Lena.

8. Lena “talks dirty” to Barry.

9. Lena, who was somehow under the impression that Barry had been using a condom, discovers the condom hanging from a potted tree. She throws Barry out.

Um, this is supposed to be “rape”?

I say: What about the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of women throughout history who found themselves at the point of a knife or a sword, or at the muzzle of a gun, wielded by some man who broke into their homes, or killed their husbands or brothers, or accosted them on the street when they couldn’t defend themselves, or were the victors in war or of the masters who bought them in a slave market?

I’m sorry, but I don’t care what Lena Dunham remembers or think she remembers about this “painful” experience of hers.

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