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Feminists go ballistic over Mrs. George Clooney’s calling herself “Mrs. George Clooney”

October 16, 2014
The cat that got the cream
George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin got married in late September, and everyone gushed. Amal Alamuddin changed her last name to Clooney on the website for her law firm Monday, and the town that is the Internet lit torches and tried to chase Mrs. Clooney through the streets, claiming she was “giving up a fundamental human right” and renouncing “her feminist credentials.” One site called it silly, and said the human rights lawyer ”is doing the world a disservice by demonstrating that even very powerful and successful women are still less important than the men they marry.” Another chided the newlywed, saying she has reduced her status from person to “actor’s wife,” and even went so far as to say “you have lost your marbles.”
“Jesus, what woman would not take George Clooney’s name?” asks Elle relationship columnist E. Jean Carroll. “I’ve been married several times. I’ve never taken a man’s name in my life, but I would never tell Amal what to do. I’m a radical, radical feminist, and it doesn’t bother me at all.”

That’s not what her colleague Natalie Matthews felt, writing that she felt “a twinge of disappointment” because “women keeping their maiden names is not just a rare phenomenon but a decreasing one.”

Matthews is right. Wedding website reports that 80% of its surveyed brides are taking their spouse’s name.

I sure did. People were writing me off as a pathetic spinster before I got married–so why would I want people writing me off as a pathetic spinster after I got married?

h/t Amy Alkon, who writes:

Quite frankly, when you bag one of the biggest animals on the hunt, it seems only natural to want to mount the antlers on your hood.

Or…maybe you just think it’s nice to signal “My life has changed” by going in for an old tradition and taking your husband’s name. This is especially appealing if your name used to be Ahmadinejad…or…something, and your husband has a nice, easy, roll-off-the-tongue name like Clooney.

But, Noooooooo!…this absolutely cannot be, according to the dictates of the fundamentalists populating feminism. And, in case you were wondering, that’s because feminism isn’t about women having choices — it’s about feminists bullying women into making the choices feminists think they should.

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