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What’s worse? Pink “breast cancer” merch, or bleating about its evil corporate manufacturers?

October 16, 2014

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

It’s October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

That means it’s the Month of the Pink Products. The idea is that if you buy one of those rose-colored items, ranging from pink smartphone cases to pink Cuisinarts to pink-labeled jars of spices on your grocery shelf, the manufacturer will donate part of the profits to fund research for a cure for the devastating disease that mostly targets women. You can buy a pink purse, a pink T-shirt, pink sunglasses, a pink bracelet, a pink-jeweled navel ring, a pink-capped face moisturizer, even a pink-frosted Mardi Gras-style “king cake” from a New Orleans bakery. (The cake is shaped like one of those ubiquitous folded pink ribbons that also mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month.)

And, just as you might expect, October is also the month of the National Harping From the Feminist Left About All Those Pink Products. No sooner does the moon phase into its 10th cycle of the year than the moralizing articles appear in the media about the horror that corporations actually make money selling all that pink merchandise — and they get free favorable publicity for themselves when they jump onto the breast cancer awareness bandwagon.


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