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Lena Dunham’s rage spiral: Some people don’t think she’s as adorable as she thinks she is

November 10, 2014

Seven-year-olds are naturally curious about their own and other children’s bodies. And anyone who has grown up with younger siblings has probably experienced the possessive love coupled with the itch to dominate and torment that Dunham bluntly describes in her memoir. Dunham — if her book is accurate — took all that a bit far, however. Most parents would have put a stop to her behavior, pointing out that it’s wrong to poke around the genitals of babies, and that other people have boundaries that ought to be respected. But Dunham’s parents, from her telling, weren’t “most parents.” They were arty progressives who seemed proud of their advanced attitudes concerning sexual matters. The paintings of her father, Carroll Dunham, feature a lot of nudity.

Perhaps Lena Dunham thought it would make a funny/transgressive story a la “Girls.” So she wrote it all down, playing it for laughs, outrageousness, pity for a psychopathic child or whatever. Perhaps now she regrets the oversharing and the embarrassment for her sister.

But she did write it. She really did compare herself to a “sexual predator” — a term she has since apologized for using. And when you write a book, you own it. You alone are responsible for its contents. Even if you are the very famous Lena Dunham, and you fly into a rage because not everyone finds you as adorable as you think they ought to.

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