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And you thought the team name “Redskins” was offensive? U. of Texas in trouble for “Vaqueros”

November 11, 2014

Double microaggression: racist and sexist!

The University of Texas system’s newest campus is off to a controversial start, thanks to its newly minted mascot. The Board of Regents voted on Thursday to proclaim the vaquero to be the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley’s mascot. “Vaquero” means “cowboy” or “horseman” in Spanish.

While regents hailed the pick as authentic to the region, a petition has sprung up to protest the choice’s gender specificity and potential to spark negative Hispanic stereotypes.

Actual vaqueros: Where are the women?

The petition:

While Dr. Bailey may have thought he was embracing the Latino community of South Texas with the word “Vaquero” The truth of the matter is that a Vaquero and the eventual cartoon depiction of one will be drastically culturally insensitive and ripen [sic] with Hispanic stereotypes.


Furthermore, the word Vaquero is male.. It refers to a male.. it is the  Spanish equivalent of Cowboy. How this slipped Guy Bailey’s mind, but what will our women’s teams referred as?… Many universities have come under fire for having separate names for the men’s and women’s teams or even by using the qualifier “Lady” in front. The name shouldn’t have to be altered for the female gender. It should be one  name that can be used by both genders.

How about “Victims” for a mascot name? That’s a gender-neutral word.

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  1. I can’t think what’s negative about “vacquero.” I personally think it’s a pretty cool mascot. Anyway, have the indignant petitioners overlooked that “Latino” is also a gender-specific word? Spanish is funny that way. Anyway, the word for “cowgirl” is “vacquera.” A lot easier than “Lady Cowboys,” come to think of it.

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