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Girl dies in alleged attack by Muslim thug–but feminists blame Western male “entitlement”

December 2, 2014

The news story:

Twenty-three-year-old Tugce A[lbayrak], who was punched when she came to the aid of two threatened girls, has died from head trauma.


The brain-dead girl’s life support systems were turned off Friday evening, a police spokesperson in Offenbach told German press agency DPA, confirming reports from German public broadcaster Hessischer Rundfunk. It was Tugce’s 23rd birthday.

Tugce A., a German citizen of Turkish origin, was the victim of a violent attack earlier this month. Reports indicate the student from Gelnhausen intervened on behalf of two girls who were being harassed by three males near the restroom area of a McDonald’s restaurant.

Thereafter, and in circumstances that have yet to be clarified, the scene shifted to the fast food restaurant’s car park, where an 18-year-old male punched her, causing her to fall and hit her head on a stone. It was the latter blow which is said to have caused the fatal brain injury.


In a first interrogation, Tugce’s attacker, reported to be Senal M., from the Muslim Sandzak region of Serbia, admitted to striking the girl. Since then he has maintained silence as he awaits trial. Prosecutors are investigating the case under planned charges of assault resulting in unintentional manslaughter.

One open question is the fate of the two girls Tugce intervened to help: Police are searching for them as key witnesses.

The feminist spin from Think Progress:

That’s why groups like Hollaback! and Stop Street Harassment have attempted to frame harassment in public spaces as a gender justice issue. Until women are no longer considered to be public property, they argue, it won’t be safe for women or men to push back against the cultural norms that give harassers the feeling of entitlement over other people’s bodies.

The feminist spin from Jezebel:

Once again we are faced with the reality of how unsafe it is for a woman to simply be and how much more unsafe it is for a woman stand up for what’s right, and it will never get any less devastating.

In other words, a Muslim thug allegedly exacts revenge on a brave young woman who came to the aid of two teen girls being molested in what sounds like a German version of Rotherham.

But for feminists, it’s all about Western men and their “feeling of entitlement.”

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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