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Salon on UVA: Gee, now we can’t say there’s no so thing as a false rape charge anymore

December 7, 2014

It’s a “brutal setback for women” when a pet feminist myth gets shattered like the glass under that Phi Kappa Psi coffee table:

Rolling Stone's UVA rape story backlash: When narratives are so compelling that we don't notice unbalanced reporting
It’s OK to wreck lives here because fraternities are evil

This could have been the year the myth of the “girl who cried rape” was relegated to the statistical improbability pile where it belonged.

How unfair! Because women never, ever lie, do they?

This is the same Salon writer who penned this the day before before Rolling Stone retracted the story:

But from the first paragraph, I was hooked on overachieving, finally-able-to-cut-loose Jackie — the way she slyly ditches her spiked drink so she can stay sober but not look like a scared freshman, her excitement over her first big party, what she wore and how she fixed her hair. Erdely brings Jackie right into my living room with me and when she is gang raped in the frat house all of the breath rushes out of my lungs. I gulp the rest of the story down and by the end I am stunned. The searing unfairness of how Jackie has been treated by the people of an institution she trusted, where she could have felt liberated and empowered instead, is simply crushing. Not only am I devastated on her behalf, I’m also devastated on behalf of every girl and woman who’s ever been brutalized like that.

It’s just so sad when reality gets in the way of something you want to believe so badly.

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  1. Like the best fiction, the Rolling Stone article was very vividly written. When I first heard the premise, I found it incredible. Seven UVa students rape a stranger, knowing that if anybody gets a guilty conscience they all go to prison? The victim’s friends telling her not to report the crime because it might wreck their chances to go to frat parties? However, when my wife and I–UVa graduates both–actually read the thing, we were halfway persuaded.

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