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It’s scientific! Feminists survey women professors to find out how oppressed they feel

January 2, 2015

“Social science,” feminist-style:

It’s so hard to be a woman professor!

This is an independent research survey conducted by a non-affiliated research team to study the systemic oppressions of women in higher education and how it can contribute to chronic stress that may lead to negative effects on ones physical and mental health.

The survey is intended for women-identified current or former graduate students, postdoctorates, adjunct faculty, lecturers and tenured/untenured professors at academic institutions in the United States.


Do you believe that your identity (ie. your racial background, gender, class, sexuality, etc) influenced the final decision of whether or not you were given tenure?
Do you believe there are obstacles that uniquely affect you as a woman of color during the tenure process?
What do you think these obstacles are?


Do you believe that the stress you experience has/had an impact on your health?
If yes, please explain.
On average, how much stress do you feel?
Do you feel like you are under chronic stress from the academic environment? If yes, please explain why.
Do you feel overworked?
If yes, please explain.
What do you believe causes or has caused chronic stress for you in general?
Do you believe your perceived identity factors into discriminatory practices, affecting your career advancement?  “Perceived identity” refers to one’s identification with a certain cultural background, race, gender, social class, etc.

I love the “woman-identified.”

h/t (steal actually): Jane the Actuary

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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  1. Lastango permalink

    The higher they climb the more oppressed they are. Let’s understand that no one is more oppressed than the tenured woman-identified professor at a major university. The burden of trekking through the obstacles presented by her lofty salary, secure position, comprehensive benefits, gold-plated pension, and the access her perch provides is onerous indeed. Do you realize how difficult it is for her to get in touch with her own, true victim status? To achieve immersion in the drive for social justice? The loneliness of achieving self-knowledge as The Other when everyone around her is just like her? And all this is compounded if she’s white — as so many of these unfortunates seem to be. Let’s have some sympathy for these alienated sufferers. I’m glad someone is finally documenting their plight!

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