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“Artist” knits from a ball of yarn stuffed into her vagina as an important “gender protest”

January 3, 2015

What would we do without “artists”?

Casey Jenkins spends 28 days knitting from a ball a wool inserted inside her vagina
I made this sweater!

You may associate knitting with grandmas and the Woman’s Institute, but it appears wool and two knitting needles can also be transformed into tools for gender protest.

Casey Jenkins, 34, is at the centre of an unusual piece of performance art, called Casting Off My Womb, in which she is spending 28 days knitting from a ball of wool which she inserted inside her vagina. She is currently halfway through the project.

In a video about the enterprise Casey says: ‘If you take a good, hard look at a vulva, you realize it’s just a bit of a body. There’s nothing that is shocking or scary, you know, nothing that is going to run out and eat you up.

I had no idea that people found female genitalia “scary.” I thought the problem went in the opposite direction.

h/t: FB friend Jeffrey S Malashock

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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  1. Lastango permalink

    I like it! All feminists should do likewise.

  2. A really good way to get a nasty infection. The “sense” of feminism strikes again!

  3. Read this to the missus and she said through her laughing, “I really like the sweater but could you wash it first.?”

  4. sestamibi permalink

    Life imitates art. In “Back to Blood”, Tom Wolfe cast a performance artist who pulled a whole train of sausages from her vagina while declaiming “de-fucked, de-fucked, . . . “

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