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Women seek “safe space” on Wikipedia because those male editors are so mean

January 18, 2015

Wikipedia, encyclopedia of mansplaining:

Wikimedia Conference 2013 - board meeting 10.JPG

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales: Eek, he’s male!
There is currently no space on Wikipedia where a woman can go and be sure that she’ll be able to participate in discussions without being dominated by men’s voices. Wikipedia needs a place where women can feel safer and not always overwhelmed by male advice, criticism, and explanations.



* Create a space conducive to women’s participation on Wikipedia. (No trashing allowed.)

* Maintain the space for women to seek advice from women peers.

* Maintain the space for women to discuss the challenges they share as women Wikipedians.

* Increase the number of women editors on Wikipedia.

And people think women are thin-skinned! Why do they think that?

h/t: Alpha Game


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  1. Lastango permalink

    I view the initiative to establish safe Wiki spaces for women as the first step in a process aimed at establishing feminist dominance over what’s allowed to happen at Widipedia.

    Consider the example of the television sports program “We Need to Talk”. It places women in positions of judgement regarding sports, and regarding men who participate in sports. Once this is established, women decide what is valid. The conversations take place inside feminist intellectual space, where the language and boundaries of acceptable discourse are predetermined, and therefore so is the outcome of the dialogue.

    The program functions as a Marxist/feminist attack on men and masculinity. Deconstructing sports is a vehicle for deconstructing men. Tactics include blurring boundaries to present gender as a fluid concept, and presenting a feminist template for the prototypical New Man. It comes from the same sort of people who decided a hard-core political feminist should have a key job inside the NFL, and put receivers in pink gloves on our TV screens.

    That’s the larger gameplan. First, set up a shop for women. Then leverage it, using it as a base for feminist hegemony into other areas of Wiki and the web.

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