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UK “Equalities Minister” wants parents to encourage their sons to play with dolls

January 20, 2015
Barbie dolls are displayed at the DreamToys toy fair in central London, on November 5, 2014.
Perfect birthday gifts for little Buster

Boys should be encouraged to play with dolls to encourage them to become carers, a Lib Dem minister said today.

Jo Swinson said boys would learn to be ‘nurturing and caring’ if they spent their free time with dolls.

She said she wanted to tackle ‘dated stereotypes’ about the sexes, including getting more girls interested in science and engineering.

Miss Swinson, who has a one-year-old son, spoke out during a debate about how to recruit 1million more people into the care sector.

Former Lib Dem care minister Paul Burstow warned that women make up 82 per cent of the care work force, and many young men do not know about how to get a job in the industry.

Miss Swinson said the solution could be getting young boys to play with dolls earlier in life, so that they might grow up to become a carer.

She told MPs: If we need to expand the number of care workers and there is a huge shortage of men in the care profession, the biggest pool available for expansion is boys and young men, and we need to get them to consider caring as a profession.

‘Again, stereotyping is important, as are the messages we send children about the roles of men and women, and whether boys can be nurturing and caring and – yes, dare I say it? – play with dolls.

‘We should see habits of care and nurture as being just as appropriate for boys and men as for girls and women. It is important, and it will help us plug the skills gap.’

And maybe if we encouraged men to wear dresses, there would be more of them in the “caring” professions, too.

Jo Swinson, the gift that keeps on giving.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. Ann Hill permalink

    I’ve seen boys play with dolls. They generally bend them over at the hip and use them as a gun. They also like lopping their heads off.

  2. Lastango permalink

    That’s a nice bit o’ sleight-of-hand by the Minister… using the caregiving professions as a proxy for convincing men they can and should choose to stay home. Some time ago, feminists figured out that the key to women being freed to soar to the heights and grasp levers of power involves convincing men to stay home and be the wind beneath their wings.

    At its core this effort involves convincing men they can become more masculine by becoming less masculine. As one aspect of selling this war-is-peace convolution to men, feminists manufactured the concept of “resiliency” — that, in this modern age, a man is most able to fulfill the role of protector and provider for his wife and family if he becomes flexible, able to cope with changing circumstances. Feminists want him to be willing to step off the career ladder and stay home so his wife can stay on the job and forge ahead with her career. He is to view this as an attractive, active choice in which he is manfully reclaiming his right to be a committed father. Brave fellow that he is, he will not allow himself to be pushed aside as a nurturer of his children!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Why are girls taught by these doll manufacturers to skip their childhood and concentrate on grown women & babies? Why don’t girls play with GIRL dolls?! Also what’s with the overload of wishy washy pink stuff? Do girls ever even get a chance these days to choose a favourite colour other than pink?

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