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Sisterhood is powerful AND compassionate: Feminists mock Joni Ernst for growing up poor

January 21, 2015

And she had to work to save up for college!

Parents weren’t part of the Manhattan arts scene like Lena Dunham’s

But the strangest and worst part of Ernst’s speech came when she started to tell viewers unrelated and weird stories of her childhood involving working the biscuit line at Hardee’s and how she learned not to waste from her mother, who would slip plastic bread bags over Ernst’s shoes on rainy days to protect them. This awkward bread bag shoe moment birthed a hilarious new meme in the same vein as Jennifer Lawrence’s Golden Globes dress from 2014.

Immediately after the words bread bag and shoes came out of Ernst’s mouth, Twitter blew up with photos of people putting bread bags over all different kinds of shoes as if creating a weird, unstylish new fashion fad. If Ernst’s mom made her wear bread bags over her one pair of good shoes, how did she secure them? With rubber bands? Double-sided tape? Neither of these ideas sounds great. But that’s besides the point. The meme was born, and now it roars louder that anything that Ernst said in her State of the Union response. I’m sure this isn’t the kind of attention Ernst was hoping to get in her first big speech to all of America.

Here’s the text of Ernst’s speech:

As a young girl, I plowed the fields of our family farm. I worked construction with my dad. To save for college, I worked the morning biscuit line at Hardees.

We were raised to live simply, not to waste. It was a lesson my mother taught me every rainy morning.

You see, growing up, I had only one good pair of shoes. So on rainy school days, my mom would slip plastic bread bags over them to keep them dry.

But I was never embarrassed. Because the school bus would be filled with rows and rows of young Iowans with bread bags slipped over their feet.

Our parents may not have had much, but they worked hard for what they did have.

Liberals care so much about the poor and the middle class.

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  1. Lastango permalink

    Ernst scares liberals, because she has the physical stature and resume to become President one day. Her ability to carve a big chunk of bloc-voting women out of the Democratic Party constituency completes the nightmare.

    Many years ago, someone wrote that when the first woman becomes President, she will be a conservative not a Democrat. The suggestion was that it will be someone in the Margaret Thatcher mould.

    Like Thatcher, Ernst does not owe feminism anything. Nor does she endorse dependency culture, or the statism which underlies it. That alone would be reason to demonize her. But her potential to reach the Oval Office paints a big political target on her.

    Democrats have proven themselves strategically smart about that sort of thing. For instance, they have a track record of derailing outstanding conservative judges, especially those who happen to be from a visible minority, because they recognize that early preemption is the only way to keep such judges from rising to become candidates for the Supreme Court and the federal benches.

    So, look for the Democrats to come at her from every direction, and to throw everything they have into wrecking her.

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