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Bread-bagging Joni Ernst: Lame jokes, tired leftist harangues, and making fun of poor people

January 23, 2015

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Iowa-trashing has been a respectable pastime among the big-brained ever since University of Iowa journalism professor Stephen Bloom wrote a 6,000-word article for the Atlantic in 2011 complaining that Iowans were “culturally-challenged,” and that the state contained too many cornfields, church steeples and white people.

Some of the sophisticates on the Internet claimed to know more than Ernst herself about life in southeastern Iowa farm country.

Here, for example, HonestyinGov tweeted: “If Joni grew up on RURAL farm — wouldn’t they bake their OWN bread.”


Taking the … bread, however, for combining heavy-handed satire and tired social-justice haranguing was Paul Waldman at the American Prospect:

[A]nd it’s inspiring that someone like Joni Ernst can start life in the most modest of circumstances, fitted as a baby with tiny booties made from Hostess Twinkie wrappers, then graduate to bread bags as she learned to castrate hogs (they do help keep the blood off your one good pair of shoes), and eventually grow up to do the bidding of the nation’s noblest plutocrats.”

Expect a lot more of this in the future. Joni Ernst is the new Sarah Palin. She’s terrifically good-looking, and for that reason she scares the hell out of liberals.

Posted by Charlotte Allen

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  1. Oh, I’m not scared of Joni Ernst. First off, she’s not like Sarah Palin. She reads, and has a Masters degree. Yes, she’s pretty, but unlike Palin she appeared frozen and robotic on camera. Perhaps that will improve with experience, but right now she’s definitely “not ready for prime time”.

    I was amused at the bread bag story too, for reasons unlike those of the majority of detractors. I grew up in Iowa too, and was at least as poor as Joni. The idea is to put bags over your feet INSIDE your boots or galoshes to keep them dry, not on the outside where they would fall apart in no time flat. Plain, black rubber shoe covers cost less than a dollar at Goodwill back then. They lasted much longer than bread bags would have.

    I suspect the story was some speech writer’s fabrication, a symbolic way to evoke the resilient myth about today’s poor being “lazy” by comparison with past generations.

  2. Handsome but, sorry, unattractive. And I’m somebody who Michelle Bachmann appealing in a cute n’ crazy kinda way.

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