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Jezebel’s foul-mouthed Huckabee rant: Great argument for barring women from everything

January 28, 2015


Mike Huckabee

“In Iowa, you would not have people who would just throw the f-bomb and use gratuitous profanity in a professional setting,” Huckabee said. “In New York, not only do the men do it, but the women do it!”

He continued: “This would be considered totally inappropriate to say these things in front of a woman.” But “for a woman to say them in a professional setting,” Huckabee went on, “that’s just trashy!”

Jezebel :

(Hair-trigger warning: NSFW…..Oh wait–feminists don’t believe in NSFW)

This is what happens when we let women do whatever feminist bullshit they want— lack of class. Rampant fucking dickery. Total dicking fuckery. It’s truly a goddamn shame.

So let’s review the bullshit smorgasbord we’ve got to look forward to in 2016, shall we? Mike “Don’t Say Fuck”abee, Scott Walker, a slimy glorified fundraiser who has taken a shit all over the state of Wisconsin while its progressively-governed neighbor Minnesota prospers, Sarah Palin, whose most recent public accomplishment is getting into a goddamn bar brawl with her terrible fucking family, Chris Christie, professional asshole, Carly Fiorina, failed Senate candidate and the most bullshit CEO of all time, and Mitt Romney, who everybody fucking despises. Can’t wait to see these cunts debate. It’s going to be a goddamn delight.

Aren’t women journalists professional? If I were Huckabee, I’d be saying: I rest my case.

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  1. Lastango permalink

    As someone having extensive dealings with senior-level people, I can assure that that the gratuitous use of profanity — by either a man or a woman — significantly downgrades the speaker, and places in question their suitability for the high-level role they occupy. It suggests a mistake might have been made in selecting them for their position, especially if the profanity is being used as a form of bluster. This reeks of the insecurity of someone who knows their own merit is insufficient to gain the status they seek.

    Further, frequent profanity impugns a person’s professionalism because they have chosen to introduce an irrelevant distraction. Real, confident pros recognize instinctively a truth voiced in the film Malcolm X: “A man curses when he has nothing else to say.”

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