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Unions! NYC can’t get rid of teacher rated “unsatisfactory” for six years in a row

February 3, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Ann Legra

 Kids injured in her classroom–but she’s still making $84,500

Here’s what could happen if you’ve been unlucky enough to be an impoverished Latino 6-year-old trying to learn how to read and write in the union-dominated public school system in New York City:

You might have ended up in the classroom of Ann Legra, 44, a first-grade teacher at P.S. 173 in the city’s Ft. Washington neighborhood whom the city’s Department of Education has been trying unsuccessfully to fire after she was rated “unsatisfactory” for six consecutive years, according to the New York Post.


The good news: Legra received a 45-day suspension without pay and was assigned to a 1,400-person pool of substitute teachers instead of a regular classroom. So now you might win the lottery and not have Legra “teaching” you on a daily basis. The bad news: Legra gets to keep her $84,500-a-year salary.
More from the Post:

In one example of her poor management, PS 173 Assistant Principal Kevin Goodman found Legra’s classroom in “chaos.”

“Students up out of their seats, at least one was running, another was demonstrating karate moves on the closet door and the majority of the students were not involved in anything instructional — an issue that has repeatedly plagued your tenure as a classroom teacher,” he wrote at the time.

Three of her 6-year-olds were injured in a classroom melee that day, he added.

Amid the “mayhem,” Goodman wrote, Legra was “buried in a corner at a computer table” where she could not monitor all the kids.

Legra said she was “re-sharpening pencils” that were too sharp — to prevent accidents. She claimed the students were “walking around the room working on word activities.”

Over the school year, Legra was absent 27 times and late 37 times. Legra said she suffers asthma and had to go to court for a custody fight with her ex.


Job protections for tenured teachers make it difficult to fire bad apples. The system requires that each charge be proven in a trial with witnesses, documents and arguments. The DOE must show the teacher was given training and chances to improve.

The hearing officers — picked jointly by the DOE and the teachers union — frequently balk at termination, instead ordering a fine or suspension and requiring the teacher to take courses.


[Legra] has since filed a federal lawsuit against the DOE, charging discrimination based on her race, gender, national origin and medical disability.
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  1. Lastango permalink

    I suspect the dirty secret here is that NYC has no interest in firing the teacher, because the teachers and the administrators form a single interest bloc — one they share with the bought-and-paid-for politicians who protect that structure. Policies creating roadblocks to termination are contrived through the joint connivance of all parties, for their mutual benefit. So similarly their ongoing efforts to eliminate the evaluation of results; no testing and no standards means nothing can upset their gold-plated applecart.

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