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Patricia Arquette’s Oscar goof-fest: $24 million worth of “wage inequality,” ticked-off gays

February 24, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

          Maybe I should have sent Sacheen Littlefeather to say something instead

Then Arquette got into trouble with the LGBT crowd when she expanded her thoughts in a press interview after the awards: “It’s time for all the women in America, and all the men that love women and all the gay people and all the people of color that we’ve all fought for to fight for us now.”

Oops! Tweeters promptly took Arquette to task for assuming that gay people have already won equality. As Time’s Eliana Dokterman wrote: “Comments like these make queer women and women of color hesitant about joining the mainstream movement, which can seem exclusionary and oblivious to intersectionality.”

We shouldn’t be oblivious to “intersectionality”!

Then, when the tricky issue of Arquette’s actual wealth started to raise its embarrassing head, she told a reporter, “I paid more money to my babysitter and my dog walker than I made on ‘Boyhood,’ and to be in ‘Boyhood!'”

Her dog walker?

And finally, there was that elegant gown Arquette wore to the Oscars: Oh, that was just something her gal-pal Rosetta Getty stitched up for her. “We’ve been best friends for a long long time and she happens to be an amazing designer so I just thought I would be most comfortable in someone I love’s design,” Arquette said.

Lest you think Getty is just a housewife-next-door who happens to know her way around a sewing machine, think again. (That surname “Getty” might provide a clue.) Here’sHarper’s Bazaar:

“Rosetta Getty is nervous. Kirsten Dunst, Courteney Cox, and Joaquin Phoenix are among the guests due to arrive any minute for an intimate dinner gathering on the outdoor patio of her Los Angeles home, and it’s been raining on and off all day, with unseasonably frigid temperatures.


“The party is a celebration of her new niche fashion label, Riser Goodwyn. A former model and designer of children’s clothing, Getty, 37, first tried her hand at a women’s line seven years ago, but life intervened. One marriage to actor Balthazar Getty, 32, and three kids later, she produced and showed her first collection last year. Tonight her friends will model dresses from her Fall 2007 line.”

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  1. i loooove when SJW & feminists go after each other. they show their hypocrisy & pettiness to everyone watching.

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