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Hillary’s “Everyday Americans” tour; honk if you spotted her; honk twice if she spotted you

April 16, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Chipotle line: Everyday Americans didn’t know she was there

First, how about that burrito bowl stop she made at the Chipotle’s in Maumee, Ohio?

“Fellow patrons paid her no more attention than a driver would get from a toll taker.

“Nor did the restaurant’s staff notice Mrs. Clinton, until this reporter, tipped off that she had dined there, telephoned.

“The Chipotle manager, Charles Wright, insisted at first that the tip must have been false.

So I’m asking: Was Hillary actually there?

Nor–according to this report from Gateway Pundit–did any human being apparently witness the coal-black, darkened-windowed Chevy Explorer SE van that they say carted Hillary across the Midwest:

“Hillary Clinton managed to arrive in Iowa today after her 1,000 mile trip from Chappaqua, New York to Le Claire, Iowa, without anyone spotting her along the way.

“Although the campaign released a couple photos of Hillary at a restaurant, no one in America spotted Hillary, or took photos of her, during her 1,000 mile road trip.”

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  1. So you’re saying she wasn’t really there? Or the damn van was air-dropped in by a C-130?

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