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Students at Cal State-Northridge have to play PC sexual assault “game” to stay in college

May 4, 2015

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum: b                Whatever you do, don’t choose the “orange path” answer!

According to the Sundial, the student newspaper, undergrads at Cal State-Northridge won’t be able to register for the fall 2015 semester until they complete an online course titled “Agent of Change” that’s supposedly designed to help them recognize and prevent “sexual violence.”

Actually, at least according to education blogger Joanne Jacobs, “Agent of Change,” which is in video-game format, is more like brainwashing: “Sims-style characters act out scenarios, helping users ‘see the connections between these power-based violations, how these problems affect their lives, and what they can do to challenge the cultural norms that help sexual violence flourish,’ according to the web site.

“Students who give the approved response (‘Sex with someone too drunk to consent is sexual assault’) go on the ‘green path.’

“Slightly wrong responses (‘girls need to realize’ that ‘it’s normal for guys to want sex’) lead to the yellow path, where the player will be guided toward enlightenment.  Serena says: ‘I guess I see what you mean. I just wish you would think about it more.’

Wrong answers (‘I’m sick of guys being blamed when girls act stupid’) lead to the orange path, where the player will be corrected more strongly. Serena says: ‘A girl should be able to get drunk, flirt and act stupid at a party without getting raped.’

“’Agent of Change is designed specifically to allow you to track as much or as little of your students’ action as you desire,’ university officials are told.

“Those orange-pathers better watch out.”

Posted by Charlotte Allen


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